The simplest way to sell, rent, and manage your works of art

Helps you save time and money

  • Manage your artworks, clients and documents
  • Find suitable offers automatically
  • Free website for you and your works of art


Just the essential features that make sense. Poke around, we think you'll like it here. And when you're ready, move your collection to BrokerAnt. Build their profile once, then post links and offers to potential buyers or a hundred agents. Why waste time on multiple platforms?


Looking to manage Your small collection? Renting out pieces? Need to keep a watchful eye on the sales process for a couple of pieces of art? Small is beautiful. BrokerAnt was built for small. Let the industrial big boys have their bloated software and customizably automated CRM jargon.


You don't need to be a giant in order to afford a proper CRM. Our smallest plan is only 9 €/month. We believe complicated pricing systems should be a thing of the past. To see proof of that just check out our pricing plans


It's a classic story. BrokerAnt sprang from disbelief. We had a small art collection to manage and needed a simple, cheap brokerage platform that we could use without a PhD in Navigating Unnecessary Complexity. And we couldn't believe one didn't exist. So we built it.

Contact ( for plans with larger teams and more workspaces

NB! BrokerAnt offers a free 90-day trial so You can try us out!

What is a workspace?

You can create multiple workspaces (same as an organization) to divide your team and objects. The unique users for each workspace/organization are counted to find out how many users are in your team.

Why is storage limited?

Brokerant has a fully featured documents management functionality and since we pay for storage we need to draw a line somewhere. Don't worry, the size we give you is plenty enough for a normal team. If you feel like you need more storage, then we have plans for that. Just contact us!